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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
11:58 am
I'm sad to see this community not active
Hello everyone!

Hi, I know this is a community for Healers, and most people talk about their revelations and things they are doing to help others, and I am also a Healer myself, and have been since 1996; however, right now I need support.

If anyone is here, can we please bring this community back to life? The reason it is here is really important for all of us!!!!!
Saturday, September 29th, 2007
10:50 pm
ok wow it's been awhile. i felt for a long time i wasn't making much progress and i didn't really have any new stuff coming in, but it seems it was the calm before the storm. this has been 23 days on raw foods and going strong. it has really been pretty easy this time, about as hard as going vegan was, which means mild and quickly passing cravings that are mainly gone by three weeks. i am still adjusting as far as going out to restaurants with family. i am becoming more confident, but i am still shy about explaining to people about the raw diet. one step at a time.

i realized that all disease is a product of cellular nutritive deficiency and inability to remove waste. in other words, not enough in, not enough out. as this condition becomes more systemic, tissue becomes "dis-eased", then organs begin to fail, on and on. now, mental disease is no different. and cravings for poisonous things (food, drugs, relationships) is a dis-ease. so how do we resolve this situation? we clean out the waste and flood with nutrition. here is a perfect day (i don't always get all of these every day, but i try):

oil pulling
angstrom minerals
wheatgrass juice shot
trace minerals with orange juice
superfood smoothie (about halfway down) with lots of berries and a banana - i also throw in some alkalizer, Phenalmin, and some stuff that makes water wetter

more angstrom minerals
juice 1 head celery, 1 bunch cilantro, and 1 bunch kale to make about 1 quart green juice

another wheatgrass juice shot
more trace minerals with orange juice
more angstrom minerals just before bed

yeah it seems like a lot and some people think i'm crazy for using all those crazy hippy supplements, but they work. never before have i made it this long and had it this easy eating raw. if anyone wants information on the why for all this supplementation i can post lots of information about the need to remineralize. i also learned that it's about abundance. treat yourself well. eat an entire jar of raw black olives with a bunch of sundried tomatos and cashews. have three enormous salads a day of romaine, purple cabbage, green cabbage, raddichio, celery, cilantro, heirloom tomatos, wild dandelion greens, purple onion, green onion, chives, basil, dill, red bell pepper, jalapeno, olives, pumpkin seeds, cashews, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt, cayenne, white peppercorns, chili powder, garlic powder, and caraway seeds. try those crazy looking fruits in that small section of the produce section. make lots of fruit juice. take road trips and check out health food stores in strange cities and be ecstatic to find they have the "right" kind of avocado and organic blood oranges and organic pink lady apples! =P yes, abundance...

salt. it's pretty obvious the refined, dried stuff found on most tables is toxic. luckily for the salt fiend *raises hand* there has emerged celtic sea salt and pink Himalayan salt. these are completely untreated, hand harvested, dried in the sun, etc. they are high in trace minerals and retain their natural crystalline structure. from personal experience they do not cause the kind of nastiness dealt out by toxisalt, but there is still a noticeable difference when going without these salts for a few days. cleaner, clearer, etc. and Dr. Anderson of the Arise and Shine cleanse program says even these natural salts will halt a cleanse. so i found an alternative. someone over at the goneraw.com forum posted that if you dehydrate lemon and celery, then grind to a fine powder, you have an excellent salt substitute. so i dehydrated two ribs of celery and one peeled lime (i like lime), and ground them in the blender. and...he was right! i tried it for the first time on my salad tonight and did not notice the absence of salt! yay! i'll try it in guac and salsa tomorrow too. after trying the powder straight i realized i could probably add another rib or two of celery and not change the effect.

so armed with these three tools (super nutrition, abundance, and salt alt) we can confidently undertake a full cleanse program. i'm almost finished reading "The Sunfood Diet Success System" by David Wolfe and recommend it to anyone interested in being human.

the effects of all this have been wonderful. in the beginning i went really high and was having epiphanies all day long and energy was bursting forth. then it kind of flat lined for awhile (and i got sick), and is now climbing slowly but steadily upwards again.

i have not been to Deeksha in quite awhile and don't really feel the need to. it was enough of a spiritual experience just crossing the Colorado state line coming up I25 and suddenly being dazzled by the expanse. you should check it out sometime.

have i mentioned "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" by Carl Calleman is an amazing book about humans evolving? it is.

on a final note - there is one other piece of the puzzle that i have not touched on, and will not for a few months. in the meantime, those interested can research ormes for themselves.
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
10:05 am
this is the longest i have been actively trying to be a raw foodist/fruitarian - since May 22. it's been back and forth from whole food vegan to raw to fuitarian, but it's constantly in my awareness. well my brother and i are on day 3 of eating only fruit - we started on a powerful day as saturday was a 13 ahau day (Mayan calendar). the mornings get easier and so do the afternoons i suppose, but still very strong cravings. i actually wanted watermelon juice this morning, where normally i have to almost force myself to eat something sweet. i usually only want greens and something crunchy with vinegar and oil and salt and garlic and spices, and cooked starch. i've been eating lots of avocado, and actually an avocado, tomato, okra salad really helps curb a craving in the right way, oh yeah!

over here we have a 30 day Raise your Standards Challenge starting this wednesday, July 25. the board itself is a fruitarian forum, and everyone who has agreed to do the Challenge is either going to eat fruit only or fast or do positive thinking, or all of the above! i'm thinking since i'll be on day 5 of fruit with my brother when it starts that i'll then undertake a seven day fast. i have heard that seven days of fasting is enough to reset the sensitivity of the taste buds, so that we can enjoy our natural foods as much or more than all the chemically stimulating "foods" we're used to (it'd be nice to get that out of the way). so, 30 days is enough to get into the habit of being a fruit eater, and then my tuniversary (again from the Mayan calendar - of the 260 spiritually distinct days, the one i was born on) is on September 8, a good day to begin the full cleanse.

and healing from a different view...saturday there was also a day long deeksha (or Oneness Blessing (OB) as it is now called here) intensive. it was a wonderful day. a long time ago i got over (at least the majority of) the pain from my mother's death. but i noticed as we were doing a meditation to heal the relationship with our parents, that i really didn't feel a deep love or gratitude for her. same for my father. that is something i would like resolved. and i do think a lot about the trials and tribulations of childhood and i guess as long as i still feel sting behind those, i am not free of their bindings. only when love shines through and everything else is a fading story will the healing be complete.
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
9:53 pm
raises hand
well it's been awhile! let's see, i made it about two and a half weeks mostly on fruit and then broke down one particularly stressful, unable to nap afternoon and gorged on raw nuts. i proceeded to continue raw for the next two and a half weeks with several cooked meals. tonight i binged on veggie pizza (no cheese) as a final farewell to fired food. of course, i'm ok with this, i have to be :) but am really looking forward to getting back to fruit tomorrow. i remember the mental clarity i had and how agile i felt. this difference is simply astounding, and i'm ready to welcome all that raw energy back! i don't think i had to take those steps back, but it was very cool to see how my focus has remained strongly on raw and ideally on fruit, instead of strongly on vegan and ideally on raw. for a few days i was very disoriented and felt really out of control - i was at my in-laws hahaha! the energy there always throws me and i had been spiralling down anyway.

anyway, tomorrow i eat all things fruity and welcome the light of the sun back in! still planning to do the whole body cleanse, and i have picked a date to begin - the next 13 ahau day (aka July 21). i have been reading "The Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness" by Carl Calleman and it is fascinating me. i recommend it to those who take an interest in the ideas gathered here.

also, i did my first plug for this community (aside from in my own journal) over at rawfoodlist. i'm thinking of plugging in one community a week until i have made the rounds of all relevant (and welcoming) communities. see how many are keen right now to the ideas here...
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
9:15 am
The hardest (or slowest...) part is over - its been two weeks as of yesterday and I'm still going strong on mostly fruit. I did go to a raw food potluck on Saturday and sampled most of the dishes there, but I feel fine about it and it hasn't seemed to affect the fruit diet. I had originally thought I needed all the support I could get, but it seems inner changes are exponentionally more powerful. So this third week there will still be some weak moments, but nothing like the first two. After that the momentum is strong enough to sail through anything that comes up.

I was feeling good for a couple days but the past few I have been tired and my body is resistant when I tell it to do things. But when I'm insistent it still complies with the same strength it always has. Still have bumps on my hands, but the tongue is clearing up. My wife commented the other day that I'm looking kind of scrawny and unattractive. She was half joking with me, but it is true. Losing retained water and excess fat makes you look deflated. But I feel lighter and my muscles are still able to do the work they have always done. I'm taking it easy right now, letting the body catabolize and not doing much to promote building. When this is over I will grow into a natural shape and all will be fine.

I've been doing lots of reading online lately and there are plenty of articles written by people who have shied away from their healing process because it was too difficult. When I am feeling weak I have found it is difficult to read these. They write about their experiences and rationalize their perceived failure by saying it is not possible to sustain such a diet (it does not provide enough nutrients, etc.). I myself have gone back and forth with cravings, I understand how hard it is. But if we let the ego have control and scare us into the fears about malnutrition, we are setting ourselves back unnecesarily. Of course, everyone has their own path but if you've come far enough to consider it then you have the strength to release your fears. Education is key, and support is complementary. Living examples are good too, so here are a couple long term thriving fruitarians:


The first one is a woman who has raised her two children on only fruit and herself ate only fruit even nursing the children until they self-weaned. She currently has been on an orange juice diet for alost three weeks and is still keeping up a good milk supply for her youngest.
The second one is a man who is a bodybuilder and runs a fitness website from right here in the Dallas area!

So let's keep at it and welcome in this next step in our evolution with divine joy!
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
2:09 pm
Welcome! This is a community for documenting your experiences on the healing journey, and for support with the same. There is much information on the info page, so please check that out.

Here is my own story:

For as long as I can remember I had been depressed. I had no idea that I could do anything about it, and no idea what the cause was. As I grew into adulthood I learned to deal with it most of the time and still function in society.

Then one day I took an interest in astral projection. This led to vegetarianism, but only to aid projection. As I went further along though I started learning about "foods" and how they affect us. And as I progressed on to veganism, cleansing, and fasting, I noticed my focus less on projecting and more on oneness and the evolution of human consciousness.

Then one day I went on a shamanic journey and the whole world opened up and showered its love upon me, I was bathed in joy. Since this time I have had other similar experiences spontaneously. The constant depression I felt for so long is gone, though there have been occasional bouts when I've hit the downside of a cycle. I still am only just beginning. At this point I have been eating mainly fruit for almost two weeks (excpet for yesterday when I went to a raw food potluck and had some of most of the dishes there).

I feel it is significant that I have been able to stick to eating mainly fruit. Diet has been the major block to effective cleansing for me. In the past I have cut them short because I could not handle the cravings for foods (especially salt) combined with the stirring up that comes with cleansing. For me, three weeks is the time it takes to break habits, make them, and overcome addictions. So sometime after three weeks of fruit only I plan to begin the full cleanse and rebuild outlined in the Liver book.

It was rather dificult to get to this point. I think the time is just right now, but I've also been getting into community contact with other raw foodists and fruitarians which is helping.

So far since I first started on these changes four and a half years ago I've lost seventy pounds of waste and dead water. I feel so much better than I used to even though I didn't have any "major" medical problems. The first several days on this fruit diet I felt tired and lethargic and I had cold symptoms for a couple days. For the past few days I've been feeling great, but my tongue is still filmy and I have weird bumps on my hands.

So that's the story and I'll keep updating as things change!
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